Surfer Blood – Take It Easy tab

Hey, this isn't perfect, but it sounds pretty good.


D chord

(hit the open D occasionally)

-2----3----2--- followed by: ----------|(0)-- -----3-0--|----- -2-4------|----- ----------| ----------| ----------|
Keep playing that with everything muted except for last note throughout the verses. Then repeat. Chorus:
Play the D power chord quietly-------7- followed by: --5------3----|-7- --5------3----|-5- --6------4----|--- --7------5----| --7------5----| --5------3----| A G
(Optional chorus if you have a second guitarist) I'd use this part as a bass riff, but if you want to play it on guitar, play this.
Now repeat intro and then mute the intro the same way for the verses. For the next chorus, instead of playing the D power chord you are gonna pluck it like this:
---------------|---------------|-----7-------7-|---7-------7---| repeat several times until the end.-5-----5-5-----|---------------|
I like to play this with a Chorus and Overdrive pedal. Enjoy! Stephen G. 5/30/10
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