Sweet Charity – Go Back tab

You can also Pick the first verse, very easy, just standard picking.  Listen to the song 
you should be sent to go.



Verse 1: C G Am Em Why don't you go back, I know you wouldn't hurt anymore F C G F than when you left then you would not have to be along, anymore C G Am Em You, only for you, you say you're happy, whoopadee doo F C G You know that's not true, and they now it too, you're playing the fool Chorus: C F G C Go, ba-ck, go C F G C So, you say it's wha-ck, so Verse 2: C G Am Em Sleep, you get next to none, you're having a meltdown and jumping the gun F C G you've heard of suggestions that hit like a ton, well I'll give you one Chorus: C F G Go, ba-ck C Go, go, go, go, go, go C F G C So, you say it's wha-ck, so Bridge: F G C If you don't go the end we'll be sad F G C If you won't then you'll lose all you had F (Strum & let ring) You've been runnin' hard C (Strum & let ring) You can't find your place F C G (long, then palm) And the memories won't erase (No chords) Ready set Chorus: C F G C Go, ba-ck, go C F G C So, you say it's wha-ck, so C (Strike x6) F G C Go-o-o-o-o-o-o ba-ck, go C F G C What threw you off tra-ck, go (Repeat Intro with strum at end) Have fun - Steve
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