Sweet Thing - Change Of Seasons Acoustic chords

This track was featured on the 'Easy A' soundtrack. Awesome jam. 99.9% correct, 
very easy to play. Just two chords B (barre chord) and E (open chord). Enjoy!

Artist: Sweet Thing
Song: Change of Seasons
Album: Change of Seasons - Single
Tuning: Standard


B	             E

Da, da, da, da

Verse 1

B You want love but you fear it
EYour attention's been shifted
B You summed up the feeling
E With a simple dismissing
B What you gonna do? Deceiving,
E It ain't you, believe it,
B 'Cause our love ain't easy
E It changes with seasons
B EWhoa, yeah
B EWhere we going I don't know
BSo baby won't you let it go?
(Baby won't you let it go?) Verse 2 You sewed shut the curtains You closed out the light coming in, And all your friends you don't want near You don't want advice, advice to hear Pre-Chorus 'Cause inside you're working You're mending what's broken, 'Cause our love ain't easy It changes with seasons Chorus Bridge
BDon't you worry
Won't you let it go, (x3)
EBaby don't worry
Just let it go, let it go Chorus (x4) Outro B
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