Sweetnam Skye – Kiss A Girl tab

Skye Sweetnam
Kiss A Girl
Sound Soldier
2007 EMI Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G# -   466544
Cm -   x35543
Eb -   x68886
Fm -   133111
Eb/G - 365xxx
Bb -   x13331
Gm -   355333


Part 1: Cartoon background sounde|-------1-3-|---------0-|-------1-|B|-4---4-----|-1---1-3---|-4---4---|G|---3-------|---0-------|---3-----|D|-----------|-----------|---------|A|-----------|-----------|---------|E|-----------|-----------|---------|
Part 2: Beat changes to kickass drum beats G#--Cm--Eb--Fm Verse 1: G# I talk You say I'm talkin' back Cm It escalades to fullattack Eb I'm goin', you're comin' Fm Your brain's on pause But your mouth keeps runnin' G# Don't know what planet you are from Cm What macho ego trip you on Eb I'm givin', you're takin' Fm You think I'm there but I'm really just fakin Refrain: Fm Eb/G Oh, you're so the same Cliched G# And it makes me wanna run the other way Bb Maybe I should kiss a Chorus: G# Cm Girl Maybe I should change my world Eb You already know you make me sick Fm And this could be the cure G# Girls know how to make it fun Cm And you know how to mess it up Eb Maybe you should learn to watch your tongue Fm 'Cause boy, I've had enough Maybe I should kiss a girl Verse 2: G# I'm tradin' your old dirty shirt Cm For high heels and a mini skirt Eb You're over, I'm under Fm I'll spell it out it's making me wonder Skye sings fast in this paragraph: G# Why I must still with you and I know that it will never work Cm Tried hard on the shit when you ride on the side so stupid jerk Eb You know that I loved you but you get on my last every nerve Fm Oh man I guess you never understand (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Bridge: Fm Eb Cm Bb I try to tune you in and not to turn you on Fm Eb If you don't try to make a change Cm I'll be good as gone Gm G# Cm (maybe I should kiss a girl whoa whoa) Eb Fm (maybe I should kiss a girl whoa whoa) maybe I should kiss a
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