Sweetnam Skye – Superstar tab

Skye Sweetnam
Sound Soldier
2007 Capitol REcords
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com
This song is different from her IMAGINARY SUPERSTAR

Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
Bm -     x24432
D  -     xx0232
Asus4 -  x02230
F#m -    244222
G   -    320033
A   -    x02220
C#  -    x46664

Intro: Bm--D (x3) Asus4--F#m

Verse 1:
Bm         D              Bm              D
Lost in my mind Where the path is hard to find
    G               A         G               A
I'm captured by the dark (I'm trapped in an illusion)
Bm         D             Bm         D
Left on my own The world dizzy and alone
   G           A            G           A
In an eternal sleep (You've come awaken me!)

            Bm             D                Bm          D
Through the battle and the glory You're the hero in my story
        Bm            D           Asus4  F#m
Shining brightly, You are my superstar
          Bm               D             Bm                   D       
You're my light, you're my torch You are my guide through the dark
        Bm            D            Asus4  F#m
Shining brightly, You are my superstar Yeah, yeah

Post Chorus: Bm--D (x2)

Verse 2:
    Bm           D         Bm                D
you tore down my walls you fought your way inside
        Bm           A       G           A     
wrapped tightly over me (And carry me to safety)
Bm            D      Bm         D
Whisper in my ear So only I can hear
     Bm                 A         G                 A
Your hands will hold me tight (On my piece you will find!)

(Repeat Chorus)

G       A       F#m          Bm A
  Shout out the negative and see
G       A            F#m            Bm   A
  Shout out All the nightmares underneath 
G     A       C#     D   A   Bm
  You are The reason why I'm free!

Verse 3:
       Bm                D           Bm             D
you're afraid to lose my voice All I hear is a loud noise
    G              A       G                  A
You breathing into me (You hear when no one's listening)
Bm            D               Bm        D
You know this song You're the only harmony
       G           A      G               A(Hold)
When I lost my melody You sing it back to me!

(Repeat Chorus twice)

End on Bm
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