Sweetnam Skye – Please tab

Skye Sweetnam
Sound Soldier
2007 Capitol Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
Fm      - 133111
Ebsus4  - x68896
C#      - x46664
G#      - 466544
C       - x35553
Cm      - x35543
Eb      - x68886
Bbm     - x13321

Intro: Fm--Ebsus4--C#--G# (x2)

Piano:e|----8h11-|-11--8-|----11p8-|-11--8-|B|--9------|-------|--9------|-------|G|-10------|--8----|---------|-----8-|D|---------|-------|-11------|-------| (x2)A|---------|-------|---------|-11----|E|---------|-------|---------|-------|
Guitar 2: will enter only at second timeb means bende|-------11h13-------------11-----|B|-13-13-------------13-13----13b-|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
Verse 1: Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb I'm that chick walking back again Winds blowing rivers over sunset sand Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb Children playing through a blackened sky Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb It’s not the place I used to know my weeded gardens all overgrown Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb so many of those flowers died Refrain: C C# Eb Bbm And I forgot That the past has passed away C C# Eb Forget me not I’m the only thing left in my place Chorus: Fm C# Fm C# G# C Coins in bottom of the wishing well I still see them shine Fm C# Fm C# C Though it's been here a while I can tell not a pebble has dropped down there C# G# Eb C# G# Eb C# For some time Every secret, every scar I won’t witness anymore Cm treasure these under the twisted trees free the burdens of me Please (Repeat 2nd part of the intro) Verse 2: Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb Sweetie angel, dressed and warm I cried for help I could have sworn Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb Children now playing back outside Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb I found some notes under my bed Dreams looked older still I read Fm Ebsus4 C# Eb But with some choice scattered on a line Refrain 2: C C# Eb Bbm I lay in bed Broken glass shattered on the floor C C# Eb She came fast Screaming she's not a little girl no more (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Fm--C#------Fm------- (x2) then Fm(hold) (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Intro 4x) End on Fm
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