Sweetwater - Two Worlds chords

D CI've got two worlds
D C D C D CBut I don't belong
G F G FI've got two ways
D C D CNeither's very strong
F Bb F BbBut, I'm singing songs and working too hard
F Bb FI can't stop living
Bb AI never get tired
D CI've got two loves
D C D C D CTo keep me satisfied
G F G FNo lovin' pain
D C D CEver made me cry
F Bb F Bb FNot afraid, I just want more
Bb FThe things I've got
Bb AAre all that I'm living for
D CPay my rent
D C D Right on time
CI drink good whiskey
D CBut I shine on wine
G F G FThere's lots of places I've got to go
G F G FThere's lots of people I've got to see
D C D CThat's how I know this good life
Bb AWas meant for me
D CI've got two worlds
D C D C D CBaby, won't you come along
G F G FWe'll have good times
D C D CA little sinnin' won't be wrong
F Bb F BbEven though my heart and soul are free
F Bb F Bb ACome along baby, have some good livin' with me
D CYou know, Inever get tired
D C D CYou know I never get tired
D C D C D C DNever, never, never.
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