Swirl 360 – Okay tab

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Date:  March 8, 2003
Artist: Swirl 360
Song: Okay
Album: Van Wilder Soundtrack
Tabbed by: Ravi Kapoor (ravikapoor@earthlink.net)

This song actually has two guitars in it, however, I'm tabbing the prominent
chords used in the song (basically the 2nd guitar w/ the intro). You can put
the intro in at various parts in the song, like after the first time through
the chorus and at the end of the song. If the chords sound a bit off, it's
because the bass actually leads a lot of the song, the guitars are somewhat
in the background. It's all below...

Tuning 1/2 step down:

Chords used in verse and chorus: 
(names as if in standard tuning i.e. G is really F#)

     G  A  Bm1 Bm2  D
eb |-3--5---2---7---5-|Bb |-3--5---3---7---7-|F# |-4--6---4---7---7-|C# |-5--7---4---9---7-|G# |-5--7---2---9---5-|Eb |-3--5---2---7---5-|
Intro: (the slide is to simulate the effect of the bass) (use thumb for slide) (guitar2 strums a "D" while guitar1 plays the intro)
eb |--------9--9--9----2-2-2--|Bb |--------10-10-10---3-3-3--|F# |--------9--9--9----2-2-2--| x4C# |--------0--0--0----0-0-0--|G# |--------0--0--0----0-0-0--|Eb |-0/10---10-10-10---0-0-0--|
Verses: Bm1 D X2 G (3 times quickly) Bm2 A x3 Chorus: G A Bm1 D x3 G A D x1 Interlude: Bm1 A Bm1 D x2 outro: after chorus, play intro x3 just listen to the song to hear the changes along with the lyrics. it's a little hard to hear (at least for me) but the chord changes aren't anything tricky. that's it.
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