Switchblade Symphony – Sweet tab

introe-----2----| e----2-------2------2-------2-----2-|b-----3----|3 timesb----3------3-------3------3-----3--|g-----0----|then g----0-----0--------0-----0-----0---|d----------| d-----------------------------------|a----------| a----------------3-------3-----3----|e-0--------| e-0-------0-------------------------|
versee---2-------2-----| |---2-----2---|b---3------3-3----| |---3----3-3--|g---0-----0-------| |---0---0-----|d-----------------|four |-------------|twicea-----------------|times|--3---3------|e-0-----0---------| |-------------|
three different fills|------------|---3--5--|-----------------||------------|---------|-----------------||-----7------|--0--0---|---0--0--0-------||--7/9-9\7-5-|---------|--0--0--0---0--0-||------------|---------|-3--2--0---0--0--||------------|-0-------|----------3--2---|
chorusa-2-22-2-22-2-22--2-| |5-55-5-55-5-55--5---|e-0-00-0-00-0-00--0-|4x|3-33-3-33-3-33--3---| pm---| -------| pm--| -------------|
intro verse 1 chorus verse 2 chorus lyrics: broken people hollow and feeble they're rolling up the hill rotten ingrate stupid mistake they're rolling up the hill chorus wishing wells and cockle shells they swim throughout my head my eyes are closing slowly as im lowering my head wanting and getting silent setting they're rolling up the hill robbing burning wasted learning they're rolling up the hill chorus breaking in in my eyes i cant see like this i cant let go please help me down i cant be like this seeing them them all around how can they be so sweet they panic so just hold them down i could live like this im closing in hey all around i could live like this hearing them in my head how can they be so sweet they're all around hey hear me say they're all around they're so sweet theyre all around they're so sweet
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