Switchfoot - Dare You To Move Acoustic tab

			    Dare You to Move acoustic
Tabbed by b-linz117
Email: b-linz117@hotmail.com

This is an acoustic version of "Dare You to Move."  It's not an exact version
of the song.  The intro part is done a little differently.  I find it easier to 
play than other versions, and I think it sounds fine.  

This version is partially based on a combination of other tabs as well as a
youtube video of Jon Foreman playing this song acoustically with another guitarist.  
An optional second guitar part is included.

NOTE: In the acoustic version of this song, the line "Salvation is here" and 
the guitar solo is skipped, so it is not included in this tab.

Tuning: Standard

  Strum each note several times.  Listen to the song for timing.

Intro (guitar 1 only):e|---7---0---0---0----0-----|B|---0---0---9---0----0-----|G|---9---9---9---9----9-----| X 2D|---9---9---9---9----7-----|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Verse 1 (guitar 1 only): First time through, go to 1. Second time go to 2.e|---7---0---0---0----0-----|B|---0---0---9---0----0-----|G|---9---9---9---9----9-----| X 2D|---9---9---9---9----7-----|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
1.e|---0---------------0----------|B|---0---------------0----------|G|---6---------------9----------| Back to beginningD|---7---------------7----------| of verseA|---7---------------0----------|E|---5---------------0----------|
2.e|---0---------------0----------|B|---0---------------0----------|G|---4---------------8----------| To chorusD|---5---------------9----------|A|---5---------------9----------|E|---3---------------7----------|
Chorus (guitars 1 & 2): Chords:| Guitar 1 | Guitar 2 | | EADGBe | EADGBe EADGBe | | E [079900] |E [022100] | | B [799800] |B [024400] or [024440] | | A [577600] |A [002200] or [002220] | E B Dare you to move, dare you to move, A Dare you to lift yourself up off the floor B E B Dare you to move, dare you to move A Like today never happened, B (strum once) Today never happened before. Interlude (guitar 1 & 2): Repeat intro Verse 2: (guitar 1): Repeat verse 1, but instead of playing 2., go straight into chorus OR If playing with only one guitar, play guitar 2's part for a rock feeling
(guitar 2): (r=11th fret)e|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------|D|---9/rrrxx9/rrrxxrr99-------------9/rrrxx9/rrrxxrr99---------|A|---9/rrrxx9/rrrxxrr99-------------9/rrrxx9/rrrxxrr99---------|E|---7/999xx7/999xx9977-------------7/999xx7/999xx9977---------|
e|-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------|D|---9/rrrxx9/rrrxxrr99--------------------------------------------|A|---9/rrrxx9/rrrxxrr99----------For a more subtle sound, play-----|E|---7/999xx7/999xx9977------<-----just the low E string part------|
Chorus (guitars 1 & 2): E B Dare you to move, dare you to move, A Dare you to lift yourself up off the floor B E B Dare you to move, dare you to move A Like today never happened, B (strum once) Today never happened...
Bridge: (guitar 1):e|---0---------------0--------------------|B|---0---------------0--------------------|G|---9---------------9--------------------| X 3D|---9---------------7--------------------| A|---7---------------0--------------------|E|---0---------------0--------------------|
(guitar 2):e|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------| X 3D|----9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9\-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2/---|A|---7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-\0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-/---|E|----------------------------------------|
(guitar 1): (strum these only once, while guitar 2 rests)e|---0-------------0----------------|B|---0-------------0----------------|G|---x-------------x----------------|D|---4-------------7----------------|A|---4-------------7----------------|E|---2-------------5----------------|
-SKIP "SALVATION IS HERE" AND SOLO- Final Chorus (guitars 1 & 2): C#m [046600] E B Dare you to move, dare you to move, A Dare you to lift yourself up off the floor B E B Dare you to move, dare you to move A Like today never happened, C#m Today never happened, A Today never happened, B E* Today never happened before. *Note: guitar 1 plays the E chord played by guitar 2 [022100] Thanks to the people whose tabs I used as reference. If you want to leave feedback, feel free to comment, just please be respectful. Thanks. | / slide up | \ slide down | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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