Switchfoot – Crazy In Love tab

Crazy In Love

This is the song that Switchfoot covered a couple months ago. There's a video of
them preforming on 'yahoo!'. This song was originally by 'Beyoncé.'

In the chorus and the intro part 2, 
the '*x' in between chords is a harmonic sound. So, if the '*x'
is right after A#m, then mute the strings with your hand (fingers) over A#m
chord for a harmonic sound. Same for the G.

Intro part one: palm muted: A#m F G x4 then
Intro part 2: not palm muted: A#m *x A#m F G *x (x4) then palm muted:
A#m F G x2 then not palm muted A#m *x A#m F G *x

Verse (palm mute): A#m F G x4

Chorus: A#m *x A#m F G *x (x3) A#m C

Intro part one


Chorus, but at the end add an extra A#m C

Bridge: No guitar until he stops singing before chorus. Part before he
starts chorus: (palm muted) A#m F G x2 C F

Ending: Chorus chords, but no *x's, then G over and over, 

End on G
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