Switchfoot – My Coffin chords

                                 MY COFFIN                   SWITCHFOOT

Tabbed by:hurricaneherman


A E X[4]


A E A EDear blue sky are you afraid to die
A E A EDo you fear you'll never see the morning
A E A EAnd the twilight comes and you lose your son
A E A EDoes it come to you without a warning
C#m E A BWhen the pain will stop how will I know
C#m E A G#mWhen the carbon bonds that hold me start to let go
C#m E A BIs there someone buried beneath this skin
C#m E A BAnd is he free when I'm lost in my coffin
A E A EDear moonlight when you shine at night
A E A EDo you fear you'll use up your resources
A E A EWith the sun as king do you feel for it's string
A E A EWhen the higher powers run their courses
C#m E A BWhen the rain falls down what brings it back
C#m E A G#mOpens the resurrected clouds from white to black
C#m E A BIt's a second birth under this skin
C#m E A BMy coffin my coffin
C#m E A BResurrection comes but death comes first
C#m E A G#mAll of our entitlements and rights will drive the hearse
C#m E A BI'm bleeding death death is unmade
C#m E A BThe minute I lose myself I'm saved from my coffin
~OUTRO~ A E X[4] ============================================================================= Hope you enjoy. Peace, Love, I'm out.
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