Evergreen chords with lyrics by Switchfoot - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Switchfoot – Evergreen chords

just figure out where to pick and stuff

Chords Used:

B/F#:  22444x

E:     022100

B/F#2: x21400

B:     x2444x

B/Bb:  x1444x

A/B:   x024xx

G/A:   357xxx

D5:    x5777x
B2:    x2442x

B/Bb2: x1432x

C#m:   x46654

Bb/C:  x3654x

B/F#, E, B/F#2, E (x2)

Verse 1
B B/BbMe and the trees, losing our leaves
A/B EFalling like blood on the cross
G/A D5I want to be evergreen
B B/BbEverything dies, I know last night
A/B EPart of me wasn't around
G/A D5I want to be evergreen
B/F# E B/F#2 EYeah
Verse 2
B2Waiting, and listening
B/Bb2 A/B EHoping and missing all of our time left alone
G/A D5I'm the one cutting the rope
B2 B/Bb2 Frostbite in winter, 'cause like a splinter
A/B EYou come and follow me down
G/A D5I'm the one cutting the rope
(Pause) Yeah... Chorus:
B B/Bb A/B Holiday end, I'm here once again
EAnd I'm left alone on the bus with my
B B/Bb Head on the ground
A/B EIn hopes that I'm found by you
(Intro) This time around Verse 3
B2 B/Bb2The sun will rise soon and tackle the moon
A/B EChasing it still in the sky
G/A D5All that I've got is tonight
B2 B/Bb2Excuses and reasons, and now it is the season
A/B EFor all that I never got right
G/A D5All that I've got is tonight
Chorus Bridge
C#m Bb/C (let ring)The night is a crow, saying come hold me
C#m Bb/C A EAll that I know is that up and so lonely for thee
B2 Bb/B2 A/B EAll that I know, all that I know, found myself under your rain
G/A D5I want to be evergreen
G/A D5I want to be evergreen!
B/F# E B/F#2 EI want to be evergreen, I want to live all year round (4x)
Positive this is 100% correct :)
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