Sarah Close – London chords

C Am F G x2

[Verse 1]
C AmI think we've fallen out of love
F GTimes are getting tough and I want to leave
C AmI know I shouldn't run
F GBut now you're so grey when you were a dream
C AmWe met when I was young
F GAnd I am not the same as I used to be
C AmI know we still have fun
F GBut I don't feel so free
FI miss country roads
GFeeling of coming home
C C/B AmThe sound of cutlery hitting the plate
G FSweet old London
GI think we've fallen out of love
C Am F G [Verse 2]
C AmYou could convince me to stay
F GI think all I need is a little space
C AmCause I wake up every day
F GLonging for the smile of a familiar face
C AmBut your love comes at a cost
F GI've gotta be all in or it's not enough
C AmAnd you're making this so tough
F GI'm not alone in feeling this lost
FI miss the seaside breeze
GThe strangers' morning greet
C C/B Am GTo fall asleep seeing the stars light the darkest sky
FOh London
G F C E7I think we've fallen out of love
Am G F CI think we've fallen out of love
E7 Am GI think, I think
F CBut it's that Sunday feeling when the sun sets low
E7 Am GAnd you're warm inside whilst the city glows
F CAll those magic moments 'cause there on the street
E7 Am GIs an old friend it's been years since you've seen
F GThat gets you thinking "is it really that bad?"
C C/B Am G'cause we might have problems but we sure do laugh
F FmOh London, not out of love with you yet
C C/B Am GBut I need you to make me want you again
F G C Am F GOh London, can we be in love?
C Am F GCan we be in love?
C Am FCan we be in love, love, love, love, love?
G C Am F GOh London, can we be in love?
CCan we be in love?
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