Surf Bed chords with lyrics by Save Ends - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Save Ends – Surf Bed chords

G G/B Em C  x2

[Verse 1]
G G/B Em I don’t really know
C G G/B Em Cwhat I’m doing any-more
G G/B Em It’s possible I never
C G G/Bdid but I never really
Em Ccared to notice.
G G/B Em I'm surfing on this bed
C G G/B Em Call around the city
[Chorus 1]
D Em C G/BIt looks like fun
C G G/B Em C but only makes me dizzy
G G/B Em COh oh
[Verse 2]
G G/B Em Have any of these houses
C G G/B Em Cever felt like home?
G G/B Em do you wonder what is in that
C G G/B Em Cair when it fills your lungs?
G G/B Em C G G/B Em C is anything in the sky familiar?
[Chorus 2]
D Em C G/BOr is it covered
C G G/B Am C by something sinister
G G/B Am COh oh
G G/B Am COh oh
G G/B Am COh oh
[Chorus 3]
G G/B Am I don’t really know
C G G/B Am Cwhat I’m doing anymore
G G/B Am C [Instrumental] G G/B Em C x2 [Verse 3]
G G/B Em I’m looking to the person
C G G/B Em cthat I once was
G G/B Em what happened to those days
C G G/B Em Cwhere she would just hum along?
G G/B she was waiting for the
Em C G G/B Em Crest of her life to come
[Chorus 4]
D Em C G/BBut what I’ve found
C G is there’s only now
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