Scarlett Rose – Melody Of A Murder chords

Cm, Eb, Ab, G x3
Cm, Eb, Ab

CmTurn the lights off
EbI want to know
AbWhat's going on
GIn the black show
CmInside the room
EbPlaying for you
Ab GShe makes a new move
CmSmiling at me
EbShe stops to see
AbWhy her new boy
GIs sitting with this
CmPerson right here
EbThe ugly queen
Ab GShe should have gone...
Cm EbBut what she doesn't know
AbIs that I am the girl
GOf her boy's dreams...
Cm EbEven when he's alone
AbEven when I'm gone
GHe thinks of me!
[Interlude] Cm, Eb, Ab, G x4 [Verse]
CmAfter the ring
EbShe talks to me
Ab GAs we are friends...
Cm EbI know something weird's
AbHappening inside her mind
GShould I ask?
Cm EbMaybe she found out
Ab GWhat her boyfriend and I have...
CmProbably it's me
EbShould take some sleep
Ab GBefore I act...
Cm EbBut what I didn't know
AbIs that I was the girl
GOf her nightmares
Cm EbEven when she's alone
AbEven when I'm gone
She wants my blood
Cm Eb AbIncredibly I have found
GWhere I belong to...
CmIt's almost a dream
EbI can't hear a thing
AbHe belongs to me
GSing for it
Cm EbA twisted fate
Ab GA burning feeling inside...
Cm EbIt's almost a dream
Ab GHe belongs to me...
CmAnd that night
EbPicks a knife
AbComes to my room
GComes to my room
CmWhile I sleep
EbLooks at me
AbI hate you, girl
GI hate you, girl
Cm EbSorry you butterfly
AbGon' cut your wings
GGon' cut your wings
Cm EbA knife inside my heart
Ab GNow he only belongs to me!
[Outro] Cm, Eb, Ab, G x4
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