Scott Alan – Im A Star chords

C D/CSomeone give me a chance
D/EAnd just watch me break through
EmI deserve to be seen
CThis dream feels way overdue
C D/CI was born to perform
D/EMore than anyone knows
EmI have passion and guts
Eb/C BbI want this and it shows
C D/CI have fought, I have cried
D/EI've been broke, I've been bruised
EmYet at the end of the day
D/E EmThis life is what I still choose
C D/CI am song, I am dance
CAll I need is a break
D/CThis is all that I am
AbSomeone give me the chance
Ab EbI am more than the average no one
AbOne chance--
EbJust to prove to you I am someone
DbLet me sing for you now
Eb/DbMore than just 16 bars
DbIf you give me a chance
Bbm/DbYou'll discover a star
C D/CI will risk everything
D/EIf that's what it takes
EmI can be what you want
D/E Em CI know all that's at stake
C D/CAll the strength and the will
CAll the vigor and fight
D/CWhen I stand on that stage
AbWatch my spirit take flight
Ab EbThere's a dream I anticipated
AbJust you wait--
Eb'Cause I know I'll be celebrated
DbI just need you to see
Eb/DbAll the hope and the drive
DbThis is all that I know
Bbm/DbIt's what keeps me alive
Bbm/DbI know everything I need to know
BbmI know every song
Bbm/DbJust give me a stage and strike the lights
BbmI will prove I belong
C D/CI have dreamt wide awake
D/EI have dreamt with my heart
EmAll I need is a break
D/E Em CSo that the real dream can start
C D/C'Cause I've worked way to hard
CTo be brushed off just yet
D/CTime to prove to the world
AbI'm someone not to forget
EbI can't let all my dreams go nowhere
AbI won't stop--
EbTill the day that I finally get there
DbTo see my name bright in lights
Eb/DbUp there on the marquee
DbAll I need from you now
Bbm/Db BbmIs to wake up and see
Db Eb/Db Db Eb/DbI'm a staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
F Gm7/F F A-a staaaaaaaar
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