Self Defense Family – The Supremacy Of Pure Artistic Feeling chords





Em                C                 G   C

  My girl and I we started fostering dogs

Em                   C                   G   D

  Shit’s a hassle but they help to keep her calm




Em                                G C

  She’s seen a lot so have those pups

Em                     C        G                 D

  They connect in a way that’s fun for me to watch


G  C


Em                             C              G  C

  She’s young and she’s beautiful and she’s warm

Em                      C    G         D

  But my head is always on what it’s on


G  C


Em                       C         G       C

  My little projects some are a decade long

Em                  C           G      D

  Some near completion most are far off


G  C


Em                   C                   G      C

  Somehow scattered and at the same time fixated

Em                                     C       G   D

  I think I get that from my mom she’s a busy lady


G  C


Em                        C    G          C

  My girl’s making efforts to be more social

Em                         C  G                   D

  Says it would mean a lot if I would try it with her


G  C


Em                  C                G           C

  Wall of flowers between myself and dinner guests

Em                               C       G       D

  Chain and stanchion between myself and all the rest


G  C


Em                       C        G   C

  Hot air between myself and any room

Em                                 C     G       D

  Flaming sword between myself and the whole wide world


G  C


Em                  C                    G   C

  That sort of information ties you to a song

Em                  C             G      D

  You grow close to me and we form a bond


G  C


Em                             C             G  C

  That’s how it works you, you buy in willfully

Em               C               G    D

  And this is as close as I get to intimacy


G  C

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