Rush Over Me chords with lyrics by seven lions - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

seven lions – Rush Over Me chords

(feat. HALIENE, Illenium & Said the Sky)


FYour finger tips, on my skin
Am GThere's nothing that, I wouldn't give
F Am G To keep this love alive
FWe gave it all, we give it up
Am GThe chemistry, was not enough
FOh we just collide
Am GI hate myself when I say:
F Am G"I need tonight just say goodbye
F Am GI will give what's left, inside"
F G AmSo rush over me one more time
C F G AmI will miss you, torn apart after tonight
CAnd we can't fix it
F G AmRush over me one more time
CThe end is coming
F G AmRush over, rush over me
Am'Cause I will miss you x2
[Drop] F Am G x2 C F Am G F Am G [Bridge]
F G Am CHold on to me now, before we lose this
F G Am CI keep breaking down, can I do this?
F G Am C F G AmI need tonight to say goodbye, to say goodbye
Am F G Am C F G AmTo say goodbye...
C F G Am C F G AmTo say goodbye...
Am FTo say goodbye
[Drop] F G F Am G F C G
F Am G F GTo say goodbye
[Outro] Am C F G Am F G F G Am C F G
Am CGoodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
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