The Hero chords with lyrics by Shibuya Sunrise - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Shibuya Sunrise – The Hero chords

Bm G D A Bm G

D AThree... Two... One... Killshot!
BmI'm here for fun
Bm G DI'm number one
AAnd no one can stop me!
BmOne punch! That's it!
Bm GI always win!
D AI will have victory again!
DmPower... get more power!
BbLast minute limit counting -
AThree Two One
G D ADon't wanna hear you calling out my name
Bm G A DI'm not here for fortune and fame
Bm G D A Bm GInstead, I'll fight knowing nobody knows my naaaaame...
ANobody knows...
Bm G D AMy foes are closing in and covering the sky!
Bm G A DBut I won't turn my back tonight!
Bm G D A Bm DHero! I'll stay - until I taste the dirt of defeat someday...
AUnleash my fist!
Bm G D A Bm GHero!
D AThree... Two... One... Fight back!
Bm G DPush on, prepare, fight fare and square
AAll of my foes are gone
BmLet justice last
BmNo questions asked
D AGive me the heart to cut through the dark
DmPower get more Power
Bb AAdrenaline is flowing through my brain
Dm BbPower get more power
AWith discipline and every hours I've train
G D AThe tallest mountain started as a stone
Bm G A DI once was weak but now I've grown
G D A Bm G AI know that weakness within is my greatest foe
BmI push on
G D AThe mortal man i used to be has died
Bm G A DThere is god inside my fist tonight
G D A Bm GI stand until i taste the dirt of defeat someday...
AUnleash my fist!
Bm G D A Bm G D AHeroooooo! Hero!
Bm G D AGonna be the strongest
Bm G D AHero!
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