shirley temple – Animal Crackers In My Soup chords



My mother said:


"My little pet


You oughta learn the



Cm       F

So in my soup

 Bb       Gm

I used to get

 F       C7

All the letters


Of the



D7            Eb7

I learned them all

D7       Gm

From A to Z

Cm         Bb

And now my mother's

C7  F7   Bb

Giving me



 Eb              Fm    B7

Animal crackers in my soup

 Eb                 Fm       B7

Monkies and rabbits loop the loop

Fm      Eb        Fm   Bb  Eb

Gosh, oh gee, but I have fun

Fm          Eb     Fm     Bb

Swallowin' animals one by one

Eb               Fm     Bb

In every bowl of soup I see

Eb              Fm      Bb

Lions and tigers watching me

 Fm        Eb   Fm    Bb    Eb

I mae 'em jump right thru a hoop

F#m          Eb       Fm  Bb  Eb

Those animal crackers in my soup




When I get hold

Eb       Ab

Of the 'Big bad wolf'

 Eb     Ab      Eb        Ab

I just push him under to drown

 G7  Cm

Than I bite him

G7   Cm

In a million bits

G7   Cm   Bb  Ab  Gm    F7   Bb

And I gobble him right down




When they're inside me

Fm       Bb

Where its dark

Eb                 Fm     Bb

I walk around like Noah's ark

 Eb        Bb     Eb  Bb Cm

I stuff my tummy like a goop

 Gm  Fm     Eb       F7 Bb7 Eb

With animal crackers in my soup

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