Shit Present – Bury It chords

E C#m B (x2)

E C#m BI've been keeping your secret
E C#m Bbut I think they already know
E C#m Band I feel so stuck in the middle
C#m Aand I'm not quite sure how it will go
BI'll stop caring if you stop feeling
C#m BI know you'd save me if i got stuck on
Emy own
C#m BWhy don't come stay I'll make you
Efeel at home
BJust don't bury it cause it takes
Elonger to grow
[Interlude] E C#m B [Verse]
E C#m BI can't stand the thought of you feeling low
E C#m BYou're always so sure of everything you know
E C#mAnd I'm not much older, but I just
Bhope you see
C#mThe things I wish someone
Ahad said to me
BYou can change your mind
Ejust as many times
C#mAs you need to or else
B Eyou'll never fucking know
C#m BI got nothing figured out
EI'm gonna let it show
BJust don't bury it cause it takes
Elonger to go
[Outro] E C#m B (x2) E B E
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