Shizen No Teki-P – Yuukei Yesterday chords


C D Bm Em
C D Em D#m Dm
C D Bm Em

[Verse 1]

F B C FThey’re all so happy and smiling, sunny skies above
F B FLike they’re wanting to get in my way
B C Am DmI’m glaring holes through the sea, parting waves in this heat
B CWas a long night so good thing I saved
F B C FShooting daggers from my eyes as they step to the side
B FIf you hate it, you don’t have to stare
B C Am Dm“Good morning!” he shouts to me, stretches side to side
B FAnd he’s just standing there like his bedhead is a style
B C Am DmIf you’d just take the time to look me in the eyes
B C Am DmWe’d fall in love- no wait. I’m really not all into that
B C Am DmBut I’m still wondering why, I can’t look in your eyes
B C D“That’s not it, I swear…just shut up and go away!”
[Chorus 1]
C D Bm EmI know that pa-pa-para-part of me is glaring down the sunrays
C D Em D#m DmOther pa-pa-para-part of me fears you might see my heart race
C D Bm EmHating every time I say and think but never think and say it
C D GWhat is up with this voice inside my head?
N.C.Wow wow wow
C D Bm EmTa-ta-tara-talking to you, scowl that I’m making
C D Em D#m DmI don’t know why but I’m breaking, voice is stuttering and shaking
C D Bm Em“For the love of-NEVER MIND! Just tell me if I’m going crazy”
C D GYeah I know, in the end I’m really dumb
[Verse 2]
F B C FI can’t stop yawning, this classroom’s the same everyday
B FJust two desks not too far from the sun
B C Am DmIt’s really freaking me out! Sooner die than show you
B CRadio beating loud in my brain
F B C FRising from my desk, a careless and simple mistake
B FAnd I knew right away I’d been caught
B CBeating too loud not a sound
Am DmMy headphone acting
B FWas really poorly done since they weren’t plugged in at all
B C Am Dm“Yeah I know, so I’ve lied, but years and minutes fly
B C Am DmAnd not a single person out there would remember, right?”
B CBut I’m still wondering why
Am DmWhy my tongue always fights
B C DI can’t even tell him how much I hate his face!
[Chorus 2]
C D Bm EmShowing a pa-pa-para-part of me so you might get the message
C D Em D#m DmBut the words I wanna shout to you get swallowed back up again
C D Bm EmGoing on and on, a part of me has really come to like this
C D GWho’d ‘a known? I’m timid kind of girl
N.C.Wow wow wow
C D Bm Em“La-la-lara-looks like you’ve been having quite a good day!”
C D Em D#m Dm“Do you just not comprehend my hate or should I count all the ways?
C D Bm EmPinching out your cheek, I hate this kind of cheeky type of person
C D GNot again! ‘Nother day’s about to end
[Chorus 3]
N.C.One more time!
D E C#m F#mPa-pa-para-part of me is squinting through the sunrays
D E F#m Fm Em“Wait a sec, before you set!” breathing a gulp of air I intake
D E C#m F#mAnd the pa-pa-para-part of me that’s beating takes a beating
D EYet the thrill is amazing even still
D E C#m F#m“I wanna ta-ta-tara-tell you!” I keep thinking as I’m sprinting
D E F#m Fm EmAnd I just don’t understand! My heart’s a bombshell and it’s ticking
D E C#m F#m‘Fore the ba-ba-bara-breath inside is gone and sun is setting
D E AIf I could, I would tell you what I thought
D E ACan you help? I’ll do anything oh God!
[Outro] D E F#m Fm Em D E A Lalalala~
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