Shoshana Bean – 5 Minutes chords

E B7 D#7 D C# A Am D# C#m F# B7 D#m7 C#m7

E         B7

[Verse 1]
E D#7Pardon me mister
D C#Don't mean to interrupt
AI can see you're busy
AmAnd I'm sure you're in a rush
E B ABut I couldn't let this chance pass me by
E B A ECan I have just have 5 minutes of your time
[Verse 2]
D#You're trying hard to
D C#mPlace where we have met before
ABut I'm a stranger
AmI just watch you from afar
E B AAnd I know you must be wondering why
E B A B EI would need just 5 minutes of your time
B A E AI've tried a million ways to get thru to you, ywes I have
B AAnd now that I've got you in front of me
F# E AI'm not sure what to do
B AShould I sing to you
EOr weave words that speak to you
Or leave it up to fate
F#The fact that it brought us here together today
B7 BHas got to carry some weight
E D#m7You won't regret it
D C#m7That I can assure you
[Verse 3]
AI know that once upon a time
AmYou probably asked someone to do the same for you
E B ABut we could make magic together you and I
E B E BIf you give me 5 mintues, won't you give me 5 minutes
E B A Gm7 F#m7 EWon't you give me 5 minutes of your t-----------------ime
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