Shoshana Bean – Broken Even chords

Bb     Cm Bb

{Verse 1]
F Bb CmYou know I never been too good at math
Bb Cm EbI use my fingers to count (She use her fingers to count)
BbBut the result of our equation
Cm Bb CmIsn't too hard to figure out (It don't take a genius)
Dm7I gave you seven good years
N.C.To make up for seven bad
Eb CmI'd say I paid off
FAny debt I might've had
[Chorus 1]
BbA little lost
N.C.A little gained
N.C.In the end
F BbWe've broken even
[Verse 2]
N.C.Every night when I'm on my way home
Cm Bb Cm I wonder what I'm gonna find (when she walks through the door)
BbYou're either burnin' or freezin' me out
Cm Bb CmYou're made of fire and ice
Dm7I know I've done wrong
N.C.But you matched me with one
Bb Eb F7So I am absolved, I am free, I am done
[Chorus 2]
BbUp and down
N.C.Back and forth
F7No more keeping score
BbWe've broken even
C D7 See I was waiting
N.C.Til' something better came along
GmTo give me a good reason for leaving
D7I was wasting precious time
GmAnd sacrificing happiness
(Yes she was) [Bridge 1]
D D7But true love doesn't punish
Gm C7And it does not possess
Cm DmAnd leaving you has sure been worth the price
Eb FWorth the price of loneliness
[Verse 3]
Bb CmNow I was trapped like a prisoner
BbWho had no lock on her cell
Cm F(She had no lock on her cell, YEA)
BbBut now I'm springing the joint and
Cm Bb CmI'm no longer under your spell
[Bridge 2]
Dm7Your wrong plus mine have come out alright
Eb Cm7 FSo I have no shame when I lay down at night
BbYou don't owe apologies
Bb7 F7You don't owe a thing to me
Bb CmWe've broken even
[Chorus 3]
EbUp and down
DmBack and forth
Cm7 FNo more keeping score we've
Bb CmBroken even
EbA little lost
DmA little gained
FIn the end we've
BbBroken even
[Outro] F Bb
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