Sickick – Infected chords

Ebm     B  Bm N.C.
B Ebm Gb B Bb Ebm

N.C.They call me the freak of the fall
EbmYou feel like a badboy? Well I'm King Kong...
N.C.I'm the new high and you're the same bong...
EbmI know I'm, I know I'm hot don't cry
AbmTalksick3 in the fall
EbmI'm the new album, you're the same song
Abm DbThey say I'm S!CK! and it won't take lonG
Till my sickness spreads worldwide...
Gb Bb Ebm Gb B Bb EbmDrop It!
These are all the parts! Just muck around with them for the desired effect!
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