Darcys Song chords with lyrics by Sierra Eagleson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sierra Eagleson – Darcys Song chords


A CFollow his cold words
G F A C G Ffar enough away to hear him humming with the birds
A CFollow the wide steps
G F A C G Fkeep up best you can, and he'll handle all the rest
A CYou want his hands, and you want his home
G Fyou want everything he knows
A C G Fwill he give it to you?
A CYou want his heart and you want his soul
G Fyou want all that you can hold
A C G Fyeah, he'll give it to you.
A CTake it back a minute
G F A C G Fyou can't imagine life without him in it
A CNow hold it down a second
G F A C G F'cause he could shut you out before you ever let him
B CAnd all this dancing 'round
B Cand all this falling down
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