Pink Lemonade chords with lyrics by Silicon Estate - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Silicon Estate – Pink Lemonade chords

G A F#m EmOh i know, that she messed up
G F#m Amaj7 EmSomething's wrong when we hang up
G A7 F#m EmWould you like to meet again
G A F#m EmWe can just hang out as friends
GGirl you seem so afraid
AWith that pink lemonade
D GI don't see it through
GAnd I think I'm in love
ABut i don't have enough
D GTo be with you
[Interlude] G A D G A D G (Here just strum down repeatedly) G A D G G A D G [Verse]
G AI don't say too much, i dont
D GBut your all i've got to touch
G AI think i'm falling in love
D g'Cause your all I'm thinking of
G AI think I'm falling in love
D G'Cause your all I'm thinking of
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