Sinai Vessel – Died On My Birthday chords

E Amaj7 A#m7 F#sus2 B7 Cdim

[Verse 1]
E Amaj7 A#m7When we start, would you like to be notified
F#sus2 B7 CdimDo you want to know that you are missing out
E Amaj7 A#m7That in all reality, you're an omission
F#sus2 B7 CdimTo the list of names embodied when we gather around
C#m B A E AThat cruel, cruel lunch after the funeral
E A B CdimEvery morsel and mineral feels undeserved and irreverent
C#m B A E AA betrayal as we outsource the end of the job
E A BSomeone else will level your plot and tend to the grass
CdimStitching up the wounds in the ground
[Instrumental] E Amaj7 A#m7 F#sus2 B7 Cdim [Verse 2]
E E/G# Amaj7 A#m7I do not know in truth that I'll get to change for you
F#sus2 B7 CdimIn time to be bothered to invest in our loss
E E/G# Amaj7 A#m7If there is an arbiter, could I ask her for more than my shareCdim
F#sus2 B7 CdimTo treat my beloved as more than given permanence
C#m B A E AAt that cruel, cruel lunch after the funeral
E A BEvery missive and dispatch rolls off the tongue
Cdim C#m B AAnd lands heavy on the table
E AIt rattles our lentil bowls
E A BA whole fortnight of meals left cold in your honor
CdimIn your absence
E E/G# Amaj7 E(b5)In our confusion
E E/G# Amaj7 E(b5)Our cruel confusion
E Our confusion
E/G# Amaj7 E(b5) EIn our confusion
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