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Slaughter Beach, Dog – 104 Degrees chords


[Verse 1]
I saw her in a dream, Exiting the bookstore lobby

Sitting on a bench on Baltimore and reading Murakami
Dadd4/A Gadd9 GSlipping salt beneath the sun, her hands now tying up her hair
BmOne pair of deeply tinted shades reflects my unbelieving stare
G6And at once, I am taken
[Verse 2] Dadd4 She asked me what I wanted as if one ever really knew and I said, "Dull domestication, free from pressure to pursue
Dadd4/A Gadd9 GAnother love, another touch, another tired conversation"
BmAnd then she shut her novel sharply and proposed a new location
Gadd9And at once, I obliged
[Verse 3] Dadd4 Details for a new protest adorn white printer paper flyers She says, "I feel so old admitting counter-culture makes me tired"
Dadd4/A Gadd9 GShe leads me into the café, her intention is exact
BmIt is 104 degrees, she takes her coffee hot and black
Gadd9And at once, I am entranced
[Verse 4] Dadd4 She suggests we settle down, meaning, settle down for good She knows the perfect place on Martha Street in her old neighborhood
Dadd4/A Gadd9 Gand then a taxi sounds a horn and it is full of all our things
BmAnd it is parked outside the café and the driver sounds incredibly
[Verse 5] Dadd4 When we merge onto the freeway, she rolls her window down completely The driver dials into a station and then she smiles at me discreetly
Dadd4/A Gadd9 GShe says, "I love this song" then turns away and tracks the clouds
Bm Gadd9The driver curses with conviction while "Heavy Metal Drummer" plays us out
[Ending] Gadd9
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