Phoenix chords with lyrics by Slaughter Beach, Dog - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Slaughter Beach, Dog – Phoenix chords

[Intro]Intro is simple, A Bm Dsus2 Aadd4 played twice. A Bm Dsus2 Aadd4e|-0-----2-----0-----0----|B|-2-----3-----3-----2----|G|-2-----4-----2-----2----|D|-2-----4-----0-----0----|A|-0-----2-----0-----0----|E|-x-----x-----x-----x----|
[Verse 1]
A BmFrom the corner of 3rd and Washington
Dsus2 Aadd4You can't see where your brother went
BmOut somewhere past the beat cops
Dsus2 Aadd4And beautiful women who work for the government
A EThey walk by in air-conditioned tunnels
BThat are archived above the street
DWhile I sweat in my hot coffee
EAnd daydream about how we might meet
A Bm Dsus2 Aadd4 x2 [Verse 2]
A BmYour mother asked for a picture
Dsus2 Aadd4She says "today's your birthday"
BmIn some strung out western stutter
Dsus2 Aadd4Making all the world her ashtray
A EShe adjusts her aviators
BWith an absent shaking hand
Dsus2Tilts the camera forward forty-five degrees
EAnd calls out modeling commands
A Bm Dsus2 Aadd4 x2 [Verse 3]
A BmWhen we used to go to parties
Dsus2 Aadd4You'd spend an hour before the mirror
BmAnd I'd drink your gin
Dsus2 Aadd4And ask about your high school souvenirs
A ETacked on the wall above the bed
BAn old Inkjet collage
Dsus2But you were never much for talking
ESo I knelt to your mirage
A Bm Dsus2 Aadd4 x2 [Verse 4]
A BmWe'd walk the three blocks westbound
Dsus2 Aadd4In the moonlit Philly fall
BmAnd the party would be grand
Dsus2 Aadd4All our friends would grin with pride
A EAll our friends would be so drunk
BAnd have such pleasant things to say
Dsus2And at last, we'd see each other
EIn the way that we had dreamed to be seen
A Bm Dsus2 Aadd4 x2 [Verse 5]
A BmThose nights your house kept secret
Dsus2 Aadd4We'd stumble up the stairs
BmMy hands tore through your records
Dsus2 Aadd4While your hands unpinned your hair
A EThe both of us still green enough
BTo remove the other's clothes
Dsus2A quiet signal of devotion
EThat I am happy to have known
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