Sleep Millennium – Christmas On The Moon chords

F Dm7 Gm7 C7I had a vision, a Christmas of white
F Dm7 Gm7 C7Stars all around us light up the night
F D7 Gm BbmThe Sun and the Earth up above are in tune
F Dm7 Gm7 C7I’m dreaming of Christmas on The Moon
[Verse 1]
F Dm7 Gm7 C7We don’t have stockings, we don’t have a tree
F Dm7 Gm7 C7I have your presence, that’s all that I need
F D7 Gm BbmTime’s moving slow, the Earth: Granfalloon
F Dm7 Gm7 C7 F F7Christ mas on The Moon
Bb Am Gm FYou know Armstrong and Aldrin, Bean, Conrad, and Irwin
Bb Am Gm FShepard, Scott, Mitchell, Duke, Young, Schmitt, and Cernan
G G7 G7 A D DThey’ve all been here too, but tonight it’s just me and you
[Verse 2]
G Em7 Am7 D7When I’m with you, I feel weightless and light
G Em7 Am7 D7We'll keep on floating, off into the night
G E7 Am CmOut there in the ether, we're singing our tune
G Em7 Am7 D7 G F#7Christ mas on The Moon
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