Slick Shoes – Hello Stupid chords

C F C/E F   x2
C G F C/E F  x2

[Verse 1]
C G F C/E F C I think I'm going to lose my mind
G F C/E F CIf I screw up just one more time
G F AmBut as long as you're with me
G G/B C G F Am G G/BI'll be al--right
[Instrumental] C G F C/E F x2 [Verse 2]
C G F C/E F C Seems like I get dumber everyday
G F C/E F CDon't you wish that I'd just go away
G F AmSometimes I don't know why
G G/B C G F Am G G/BBut I know you're always there
[Chorus 1]
C G I hope it never seems that
FI do not care for you
FYou know it's true
C/E GI'll always be running after you and
C G F When you call me out I want to be there
C/EI've always wanted
G C G F CI've always wanted this
G Am Open up my eyes
F C GI wanna see your face
Am F CCuz I know you'll be there
G When others fade
FNo matter what the time
Em F GYou've always been with me
[Outro] C F C/E F C G F C/E F x2 C
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