Slothrust – The Haunting chords


[Verse 1]
C Em F CI'm not afraid of the ghosts in your head
EmI'd like to kiss them
F AmBring them back from the dead
G F CLay them down in a bed
GJust like I said
GAnd so I did
[Verse 2]
C EmI had a dream
F CI was haunting you too
EmSo i'll kiss myself
F AmSplit my tongue into two
G F CWhy not try something new?
GFor you i'll try
[Bridge 1]
Am GThrashing around
C G FIn my sleep like a sick child
Am GI'll bend and break this fever dream
Am G FOf little gold eyed smiles
G CAs if to say too bad
Em C Em C Em C Em(mm hmm)
[Verse 3]
C Em F CWe will wake up with our tongues in our mouths
Em F AmNever understood what those words were about
G F CNow all we can do is shout
GTill we pass out
[Verse 4] C Em F C C Em F Am G F
C GAgain
(ah) (ah) (ah) (ah) (ah) (ah) (ah) (ah)(ah) (ah) (ah) [Bridge 2]
Am GNot sure if I
C Am asleep
G FOr awake
Am GSo i'll treat this body like
C G FI think that its a fake
G CAnd see how much it can take
C Em C Em C Em C(mm hmm)
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