Slow Hollows – Selling Flowers chords

Ebmaj7  |     F  |Ebmaj7  |     F  |
Bb      |     Cm |Gm      |Cm

[Verse 1]
F EbOpen up
F EbYou're torn apart
F BbHas your heart been mending?
Cm GmI think that I forgot
F EbSeasons died
F EbCrease a bitter line
F BbFaceless underneath
Cm GmI'll laugh until you're blind
F Ebmaj7You're telling me
[Interlude] Ebmaj7 | F |Ebmaj7 | F | Bb | Cm |Gm |Cm F | [Verse 2]
Eb F EbSave my breath for losin' steam
F BbDon't have much in common
Cm GmFall with me
F Ebmaj7Livin' on past hope
F Ebmaj7 F Bb And bitter half tones, now drift away
Eb GmSell flowers in the rain
FYour worried home
[Outro] Ebmaj7 | F |Ebmaj7 | F | Bb | Cm |Gm |Cm F | Bb | Cm |Gm | | Ebmaj7 | |Gm | | Bb | Cm |Gm |Cm | Ebmaj7
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