Manhattan chords with lyrics by small dad - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

small dad – Manhattan chords

D Am G D

[Verse 1]
D Am G Di fell in love with you months and months ago when you first said hello to me
D Am G Dwe lay together in bed i'd share the thoughts that were in my head and you would smile and hold me
D Am G Di cannot count the times i'd go to Dollop with you in mind hoping to see you there
D Am G Dbut we knew it couldn't last now you're a part of my past, when i saw you again you'd cut your hair
[Verse 2]
D Am G Dyou're my darling girl, you mean the world to me
D Am G Di learned so much from your touch and philosophy
Am C G Dbut i cannot lie and say you didn't make me cry nearly every night
Am C G Dit's tempting to romanticize the time spent in your smile when i felt alright
[Verse 3]
D Am G Dbut i think the anguish has passed, this friendship can last, i have faith
D Am G Di'll try not to fall again, i hope we can be friends cause no one can take your place
D Am G Dyou met my soul back in Chicago
D Am G Di lost control but I'm trying to get it back now that i'm home
[Verse 4]
D Am G Dbut I have to say goodbye to the idea of us intertwined, good night
D Am G Dyou'll always have a piece of my heart, thank you for a lovely start
D Am G Dwe have a complex situation, but goodnight with love and veneration
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