Snoh Aalegra – Worse chords

Bbm  Ab  Db  Gm  Gb  F

Bbm AbHey mister, in the corner of my eye
EbWould you mind to share your time?
Gb FMaybe give me some advice? Yeah
Bbm Ab BbmHey mister, if I tell you what's on my mind
Gm7If I share you some of my light
Gb F7Would you kindly share your knowledge?
Bbm Ab BbmMister, I'm searching
GmHe said
Gb F Bbm Ab Bbm"It's only gonna get worse, it's only gonna get worse
Eb7 Gb F BbmEnjoy your time, it's only gonna get worse"
Ab BbmDo you mind it if I ask why?
He said
Gm Gb F"Here's the thing about life, it's only gonna get worse"
Bbm Ab Gb Gm7Save her, save me, save yourself
GbHe said
Bbm Ebm7 Gb Bbm Ab"You're gonna break your heart, you're gonna fly away"
Db Gm Gb FGonna fall apart, you're gonna break your heart
Bbm AbYou gotta move away, you're gonna break your heart
Gm7 GbThere's no reason why you gotta break your heart
BbmYou're always gonna find a way
Ab Gm7To break your heart
Gb F BbmListen
Ab Gm Gbbreak your heart
F Bbmit's only gonna get worse
Ab Gm Gb F Bbm AbNo matter what, you're always gonna get hurt
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