Tantrum chords with lyrics by soda pressed - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

soda pressed – Tantrum chords

[Intro] Aadd9e|--------------------------------|--0--|B|--------------------------------|--0--|B|------9---8---------------------|--6--| Repeat Through VerseD|----6-----6---9---9/11---11---11|--7--|A|------------------0----0----0---|--7--|E|--0---0---0---0-----------------|--5--|
[Verse 1]
E Aadd9Seeing the mountain calls
E Aadd9By and by she falls
E Aadd9Oregon my time has come
E Aadd9Catch me in your arms, Catch me
E Aadd9 And when you miss me
E Aadd9Just know that I miss you too
E Aadd9I miss you too
[Verse 2]
E Aadd9I'm seeing you in every puddle
EYou blew my mind
Aadd9Now clear the rubble
E Aadd9And when we kiss sing hallelujah
EAt first I fell
Aadd9And then I blew up
E Aadd9At night it calls and I'm in danger
E Aadd9To be your friend, I'm now a stranger
[Instrumental] |E |Aadd9 | X6 |E | [Outro]
N.CHow could I go
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