Solas – I Am A Maid That Sleeps In Love chords

Am   G F   Em D  x2

Am F GI am a maid that sleeps in love and cannot feel my pain
Am F AmFor once I had a sweetheart, and Johnny was his name
G Am C Am GAnd if I cannot find him, I'll wander night and day
Am F G AmFor it's for the sake of Johnny, I'll cross the stormy seas
F GI'll cut off my yellow locks, men's clothing I'll wear on
Am F AmAnd like a gallant soldier boy this road I'll gang along
G Am C Am GEnquiring for a captain, a passage to engage free
Am F G AmFor to be his chief companion on the banks of liberty
F GThe very first night the captain lay down on his bed to sleep
Am F DThese very words he said to me, "I wish you were a maid
G Am C Am GYour cherry cheeks and ruby lips, they've often enticed me
Am F G AmI wish to the gods, unto my heart, a maid you were to me"
F GIn three days after that, we did land on shore
Am F Am"Adieu, adieu, dear captain, adieu forever more
G Am C Am GA sailor boy I was on ship, but a maid I am on shore
Am F G AmAdieu, adieu, dear captain, adieu forever more"
F G"Come back, come back, my blooming girl, come back and marry me
Am F AmFor I have a good fortune, I'll give it all to thee"
G Am C Am G"To marry you, dear captain, is more than I can say
Am F G AmFor it's for the sake of Johnny, I'll wander night and day"
[Outro] Am G F Em D x4
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