Solomon Ganz – I'll Be There chords

[Verse 1]

C G CYou’re full of light is what she said, it’s what she said
C G CTomorrow comes with other strife, that's what she said
F Am GBut if the pain is more then you can bear
F Am GI’ll be a light to hold against your fear, oh your fear
[Verse 2]
C G CAnd if you got something to say, to wish away
C G CLet regret from yesterday, wash away
F Am GBut if the sun can’t seem to break the night
F Am GYou’ll be the one that I will stand beside, oh beside
F AmAnd if you feel like giving up
F Am GTake my hand and I'll give my heart, my heart oh
[Verse 3]
C G CMistakes can make you step astray and lose your way
C G CBut every moment is something new, for you to choose
F Am GLoneliness can make you scared, strip you bear
F Am GSo when you’re lost well that's when I will be there I’ll be there
F Am F Am GAnd if you feel like giving up, take my hand and I’ll give my heart, my heart ohhh
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