Misfits chords with lyrics by Sophie Pecora - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sophie Pecora – Misfits chords

 [Verse 1]

DbDon't talk to me
I need to be by myself
BbmI keep myself company
And I don't need nobody else
GbEverything makes me so angry
Sometimes I can't even breathe
GbmAnd I don't have nobody else
AbThat can keep me company
DbThe world is drowning out around me
BbmEverybody's drowning, but I can still breathe
GbMakes me feel like I'm not human
GbmEveryone treats me like that
DbCuz misfits do have feelings
But they don't ask [Verse 2]
BbmWe say that they don't need to ask
We just keep our head down low And look back into the past
GbTo when even when it rained
There was a rainbow after that Now there's
AbNo rainbow, no colors, just black
DbNow it's like our problems are never ending
BbmAnd if I succeed
There's no one there to commend me
GbPlease remember we're all humans
No one treats me like that
AbSo it would be pretty special
DbIf you gave me a chance
[Chorus] Most of the time I'm away from reality
BbmStaying in my head is safer than vulnerability
GbI know I shouldn't let my head
Always get the best of me
AbBut my imagination might be the best part of me
DbIt keeps me sane but also makes me go a little crazy
BbmBeing able to write songs might be my only safety
GbAnd I know it really saved me
AbAnd i know it really saved me
Db* Abm*When the world was crumbling around me
Bbm*Everybody's falling but I am flying
Gb*Makes me feel like I'm superhuman
Gb*I might just be that
Ab*Cuz misfits have some powers
DbThat are really pretty rad
BbmThat are really pretty rad
Gb Gbm Ab
DbThe world is crumbling around me
BbmEverybody's falling but I am flying
GbMakes me feel like I'm superhuman
I might just be that
AbCuz misfits have some powers
That are really pretty rad
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