Spy Vs Spy – Hooligans chords

G       C  G        G        C  G  C  G

GWoke up this morning I've done it again
C GI've been a hooligan on Heineken
GLook in the mirror better put on my shades
C GDon't want no-one to know who i am
C Em/B Am7Slam bam wreck of a man
Gi try to be the best that i am
DI'll drink whatever is going around
D C GAnd i'll drink 'em all down
GMy sister says that it's a bad way to live
C GMy mother nags me says i'm living in sin
GI'm trying to drown out all of my pain
C GI know i'm ugly i was born that way
C Em/B Am7If you like we'll get in a fight
GSore knuckles, another black eye
DOnce we've done sorting 'em out
D C GWe'll drink 'em all down
C GDrink 'em all down
D C G C GOhhhh Hungover Hungover
D C G C GOhhhh Wreak havoc Wreak havoc
[Instrumental] D C D C D C C G C G C G [Verse]
GI remember i had a girlfriend
C GShe used to love me but never again
GI'm only happy when i couldn't care less
C GI like to live my life in a mess
C Em/B Am7Big trouble, head is a muddle
GBartender, make it a double
DThen let's go and tear up the town
D C G C GAs we drink 'em all down, drink 'em all down
C G C G C Bm Am GDrink 'em all down, drink 'em all down, drink 'em all down
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