Starbomb – Vegetas Serenade chords

[Intro] G CE|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|A|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|D|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|G|---12-----12-----12|---12-----12-----12|---12-----12-----12|B|-13--13-12--12-10--|-13--13-12--12-10--|-13--13-12--12-10--|e|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
G CE|-------------------|-------------------|A|-------------------|-------------------|D|-------------------|-------------------|G|---12-----12-----12|---12-----12-----12|B|-13--13-12--12-10--|-13--13-12--12-10--|e|-------------------|-------------------| x2
FE|-------------------|A|-------------------|D|----12----10-------|G|-12----12-10-------|B|----------10-------|e|-------------------| x2
G[Vegeta]: Trunks, I need your help
C[Trunks]: What's up, dad?
D G[Vegeta]: Well, Bulma says I need to be more romantic, so I'm writing a love song...
C F[Trunks]: That's amazing, father, let's hear what you got!
F[Vegeta]: Okay... *clears throat*
[Verse 1]
G Em C DOh Bulma (whoa), sweet Bulma, I adore you oh so much
G Em C G/F FI've given up my Saiyan princehood to feel your gentle touch
C DIt's kind of a big deal to do that, but I don't regret it
Em DI know for sure that stupid Kakarot wouldn't fuckin' get it
G D EmDad, well maybe leave out the thing about Goku
C Em DWhat? But it's true, it was hard for me to go through
G CJust try again
D EmOK, I guess
CJust sing from the heart
D(The one I'll rip out of Kakarot's chest?)
G C G/F F G/F F[Play the second part of the intro]
(No) [Verse 2]
G EmI really like the way you dress
(That's good)
C DKakarot's wife looks like a fuckin mess
EmLeave out Goku! It's about your wife
C FI'm just working in experience from life
CBut what about when you were wed?
DIt was the best thing in your life you said
CYou walked down the aisle and I thought with a glance
D DYour beauty's captivating them. Now's my chance!
G(That's what you were thinking?)
D EmYes, but I had to wait
C Em DYou would've been mad if I ruined your big day
G C D EmThat's the nicest thing you've said so far
C D GI figured I'd distract you with the salad bar
[Solo] G G D Em C C Em D G C D Em C C D D G G G F G/F F G/F F [Verse 3]
G EmI had to wait until the reception
C DI asked Goten to run interception
G EmThen I felt my hate for Kakarot explode
G/F F G/F FYeah, I remember. You fought for 3 episodes
CI used my Big Bang Attack
DBut he shot a Kamehameha right back
CThe collision blew up half the venue
D D/C D/B D/A D/G D/F# D/E D Reducing the selection of the menu
G D EmBut you were the only thing on my mind
C Em DAs the wall smashed Kakarot from behind
G C D EmI burned his flesh and punched his face
C D GInspired by your beauty, and my unrelenting hate
N.C.[Trunks]: Okay, dad, here comes mom now! Just leave out everything about Goku and you'll be fine!
N.C.[Vegeta]: Okay... *clears throat* Uh... Bulma, ha, good to see you... I-I have a song for you...
I-I wrote it about you... here goes...
G N.C.Kakarot... DAMNIT!
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