Starkid – Even Though chords


[Verse 1]
GWait, don't go!
G G7There's something I need you to know
C(Spoken) What is it?
C(Spoken) Um, it's just... Uh, it's...
Am(Spoken) Uh, um,
Dshit. I don't
N/C(Spoken) Whatever, bye Joey.
[Verse 2] Joey:
G/F# GJust wait, give me a minute
G G7My head's confused but I know there's something in it
CWon't you stay?
AmPlease stay
D7 D EmUntil I get it clear
Sally: (Spoken) What are you trying to say? Joey:
AmWhat I'm trying to say is,
Cm D7 EI'd feel much better if you would stay here
EEven though I was blind
C#mbefore I've realized there is so much
F#mmore and it was always
Bdeep down in the
Acore of me
AmI know it now
EAnd even though it seems too much to
C#mtake - there's a feeling I can't seem to
F#m Cm Dshake I feel like, I am reading the signs
B A'Cause I know that I'm
EComing around...
G G D C [Bridge]
C BmI thought I wanted someone
Am G G7Perfect as could be
C Bm AWhen what I needed was the one
Esus4 EWho is perfect for me
EEven though it used to seem so
C#mwrong I've taken you for granted far too
F#m Blong I'm falling right into the denoue -
A Amment and now I'm breaking ground
EEven though I felt it from the
C#mstart, it's only now we're beating with one
F#mheart I'm sure that
Cm D B ANow is time 'cause I know that I'm...
EI'm coming around!
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