Starkid – Everything And More chords

C DI'm the most powerful girl in the land
Am7With a wave of my hand
Bm7I can give a command
EmBut it's just like... whatever
C'Cause they don't understand
Am7 DLook at my life from the outside and sure
Em D AI've got servants and tigers and stuff
CYou're probably thinking
Em"She's got everything"
AmWell it's true
Bm'Cause I do
CBut so the f*** what?
DIt's not enough!
C GI want a life of adventure
GWith no orders I have to obey
CAnd dangers galore
BLong as I can be sure
Em Am DThat I'm safe and secure at the end of the day
GI've got to escape from this palace
GFor a life where I'll truly be free
CI'll go live somewhere new
BmJust as big with a view
Em Am DAnd a few dozen servants attending to me
Am Bm C DThat's all I'm asking for
C G DI just want everything... and more!
CI want the moon!
AI want to live on the moon
AAnd eat it in a pie
DAnd keep it as a pet
B7 EmAnd where it like a gemstone in my hair
G CAnd someday soon!
C BmThe people who say I'm just dreaming
Em FLike Father and Ja'far
Em D#Will see how wrong they are
D AmAs I laugh in their faces through mouthfulls
C BOf moonbeam pie!
G CI wanna make my own choices!
GI mean, please, is that so much to ask?!
CBut decisions are hard
EmAnd I'm being bombarded
A DWhy can't somebody help with this arduous task?
GThe life of a Princess
C AIs fraught with complications
G DIt's enough to make me wish
CI were lonely and poor
N.C.But like... with money!
CWhat I wouldn't give
B7 B Em CTo live in a new situation
Em AmEach slave and guard
GMakes life so... hard!
C'Cause I'm always barred
GFrom having everything... and more!
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