Stephanie Hsu – I Love Play Rehearsal chords

F C FI love play rehearsal
Bb FBecause it's the best!
CBecause it is fun.
F C DmI love play rehearsal
Bb F Cand I get depressed as soon as it's done.
Bb F CBut not depressed as in like kill yourself depressed
F BbNo, I'm not into self-harm
F CDude, I swear, here check my arm!
Bb F CSee, I just use the word to emphasise a point,
F BbShow the passion that I've got
F CI am passionate a lot.
CI have mad, gigantic feelings,
DRed and frantic feelings,
Gm F CAbout most everything
F Am7/E DLike gun control, like spring,
G7 CLike if I'm living up to all I'm meant to be.
G7 CI also have a touch of ADD.
Where was I? Oh, right! [Verse]
F C FI love play rehearsal,
Bb F C'Cause you are equiped with direction and text,
F C DmLife is easy in rehearsal,
Bb F CYou follow a script so you know what comes next
C D Gm F CAnywho the point that I'm getting to is sometimes life can't work out in the way
F Am7/E DIt works out in the play
G7 CLike the only time I get to be the center of attention,
G7 CIs when I'm Juliet or Blanche DuBois and can I mention?
That was really one of my best roles, did you see that? [Verse]
G7 CAnd no matter how hard I try,
G7 CIt's impossible to narrow down the many reasons why,
F C FI love play rehearsal.
Bb F CI happiness cry whenever it starts
F C DmIt's just so universal
Bb F CGetting to try playing so many parts
Bb7 AmMost humans do one thing for all of their lives,
C BbThe thought of that gives me hives!
Gm F/AI've got so many interests I wanna pursue,
C BbAnd why am I telling this to you?
C BbGuess there's a part of me that wants to
F C FBack to play rehearsal,
Bb FMy brain is like 'bzzz'
CMy heart is like 'wow'
Dm A BbBecause we're here at play rehearsal,
Gm F Cand it's starting,
F BbWe're starting,
F CIt's starting,
F C DmSoon
Bb F C F C FOoh
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