Stephen Lynch – Beelz chords

Intro Em5 F5 G5  G5

Verse 1
Em5 F5 G5ever since first man has walked this earth i have been here
Em5 F5 G5to whisper seeds of doubt and evil thoughts into his ear
Em5 F5 G5i am the beast the outcast angel fallen from on high
Em5 F5 G5i go by many names but there is one you can’t deny
*for the rest of the song play the chords like so:* C F Ge|-0-0-|-1-1-|-2-2-|B|-1-1-|-1-1-|-2-2-|G|-0-0-|-2-2-|-0-0-|D|-2-2-|3----|-0-0-|A|3----|--3--|--2--|E|--3--|-----|3----|
C my name is satan
Cmy friends all call me old scratch and i am a capricorn
F Cmy turn-ons are romantic walks and killing the unborn
G Fi’ve got little devil horns and little goatee
G Flittle devil eyes to help a little devil see
G Fand little cloven hooves make it kind of hard to ski
Ci’m satan
Cmy real name is beelzebub but you can call me beelz
F Ci love to watch fox news and then go club some baby seals
G Fthen i’ll take a bubble bath and drink a zinfandel
G Ftry to wash off that baby seal smell
G F then i’ll make a toast to me, hey here’s to my health
Cmy name is satan
F G to carry on my evil ways i went and had a son
F G strum C strum F strumand now he makes his living as a singing comedian
C i’m in every zeppelin album i’m in all rush limbaugh’s rants
F Ci’m the reason the boston red sox even had a chance
G Fand if i wanna eat your soul i’ll just throw it on the griddle
G Fdon’t need to make a deal i don’t need to tell a riddle
G Fand fuck charlie daniels i don’t care if you can fiddle
Ci’m satan
C5-C5-C5 (3 fast strums) 666
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