Stephen Lynch – D And D chords

Intro: Em,G,Em,G,Em,G,A (strum mute) 4x

Em G Em G I've got my twelve sided die, and I'm ready to roll
Em G AWith my wizard and my goblin crew (strum mute)
Em G Em GMy friends are coming over to my mom's basement
Em G AWith a funyons and a mountain dew (strum mute)
Em G Em GI've got a big broad sword made out of cardboard
Em G AAnd the stereo's a pumpin' Zepplin (strum mute)
Em G Em GIt's that time of the night, we turn on the blacklight
F# ALet the dungeons and the dragons begin...
Em G Em GIt's D and D!
Em G EmFighting with the legends of yore
G Em G Em GIt's D and D!
Em G A Never kissed a lady before (strum mute)
Em,G,Em,G,Em,G,A (strum mute) 2x
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