Stephen Malkmus – Jenny And The Ess-Dog chords

[Verse 1]
D Db/D B/D A/D G Jennifer dates a man in a 60s cover band
F#m/G Em AHe's the Ess-dog, or Sean if you wish
D Db/D B/DShe's 18, he's 31
A/D G F#m/GShe's a rich girl, he's the son
Em AOf a Coca-Cola middle man
GKiss when they listen
DTo "Brothers In Arms"
GAnd if there's something wrong with this
DThey don't see the harm
Em G AIn joining their forces and singing along
[Verse 2]
D Db/D B/D A/D G F#m/G See those rings on her toes Check that frisbee in his Volvo
Em AIt's a Volvo with ancient plates
D Db/D B/DThey've got a dog she named Trey
A/D G F#m/G Em AA retriever with a frayed bandana around his neck
G DTrey has a window into their relationship
GThe baby talk voices
DAnd the post class-a nasal drip
EmBut it all seems to function
GAt least in her dog's mind
ALet me out of here
GLet me out of here
GYou got to let me out of here
DYou got to let me out of here
ALet me out of here
Out of here
GOut of here, out of here
A ALet me out of here ill hit the ground running
[Verse 3]
D Db/D B/D A/D G F#m/G Jennifer left for school up in Boulder
G F#m/G Em AAnd the Ess-dog came to visit when he could
D Db/D B/DBut the strain was too much
A/D G F#m/GThey could not make up for distance
Em AAnd the distance between their years
GNeither one listens
DTo "Brothers In Arms"
GThe Ess-dog waits tables
DAnd he sold his guitar
Em GJenny pledged Kappa and she started pre-law
Em GAnd off came those awful toe rings
Em EbOff came those awful toe rings
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