Stephen Sondheim – Good Thing Going chords

F C Bb F

[Verse 1]
F CIt started out like a song
F AWe started quiet and slow
A7With no surprise
F E7sus4 Dm9And then one morning I woke
D7To realize
Gm7 CWe had a good thing going
[Verse 2]
F CIt's not that nothing went wrong:
F ASome angry moments, of course
A7But just a few
F E7sus4 Dm9And only moments, no more
D7Because we knew
Gm7 CWe had this good thing going
Cm FAnd if I wanted too much
Was that such Bb A mistake
GAt the time?
Am DYou never wanted enough
D7All right, tough
G7I don't make
C7That a crime
[Verse 3]
F CAnd while it's going along
F AYou take for granted some love
A7Will wear away
F E7sus4 Dm9We took for granted a lot
D7But still I say:
Gm7It could have kept on growing
C DInstead of just kept on
Bb GmWe had a good thing going
C FGoing, gone
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